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With more than 57 years in successful operation, Van’s Sales Company, Incorporated, better known under its business name of VanSco Products, has contributed greatly to the liquid adhesive application equipment industry. As both a manufacturer and a distributor of a complete line of adhesive application systems, from handheld to fully automatic equipment, VanSco has been dedicated to providing quality equipment at reasonable prices with fast delivery times.

Started in 1961 by Peter J. van Loben Sels, better known to the trade during his lifetime as “Van”. Actively a salesman and primarily interested in distribution, Van found himself intrigued and challenged by the product he handled and the problems of the industries he was involved with. At this stage, equipment was generally sold piece by piece, leaving assembly and mounting to the imagination of the customer. Van simplified matters considerably by originating the concept of a complete, bolt-on kit using a standard series of parts and universal mounting brackets which would attach to most gluing machinery in use at the time. Van also pioneered the use of adhesive tanks manufactured to A.S.M.E. specifications for use on case sealing equipment. In collaboration with John Fox, he introduced to the market the first all-metal, mechanically activated “Glue Gun”.

In 1967, VanSco moved to Lashbrook Avenue in South El Monte, California. With a rapidly expanding labor force and additional manufacturing equipment, the move was unavoidable. Enlarged facilities for research and development were imperative if VanSco was to maintain a high level of exposure in the industry.

VanSco continues to grow with a dedicated group of employees and network of distributors, nationwide. In 2016, following another expansion, the company merged with Glue Machinery Systems, Inc. VanSco Products, Inc. became a part of what is now the company of GMS-VanSco, a subsidiary of Valco Cincinnati, Inc. (dba Valco Melton).

Today, the VanSco® brand of gluing equipment and systems is manufactured and sold from its new office in Petaluma, CA as GMS-VanSco. The company now offers additional innovative and cost-effective hardware to solve industrial gluing problems. GMS-VanSco continues to be committed to offering the best customer service to support its long-standing customer-base of satisfied customers.

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